Pressure bottle filling equipments
PEPA series:

Rotary bottlers are used for filling carbonated (saturated) beverages (beer, soft drinks, mineral water, wine).
They can also be used for filling non-carbonated (saturated) beverages in plants where both kinds are bottled on one line or where is asked the filling under atmosphere of inert gas.
The bottlers are always made to order on the basis of a precise specification to satisfy our customer as far as possible.
The filling is based on overpressure in the bottler tank, filling valves with a short air tube.

Versions of pressure PEPA bottlers:
     · bottler - an independent filling machine
monoblock - bottler with a capper in one block
triblock - rinsing machine, bottler and  capper in one block
superblock - rinsing machine, bottler, capper and labeller in one block
block - (rinsing machine), bottler and two (or more) different cappers in a block

Rinsing machines:
     · they are used for rinsing of new glass or PET bottles before their filling
     · special collets with exchangeable inserts for glass and plastic bottles
     · standard two-channel rinsing machine, i.e. the bottle can be rinsed with water and another, e.g. disinfecting, solution, steam, and the like.

Crowners and cappers:
     · they are used for closing filled bottles,
     · versions for crowns, both metal and plastic screw-caps, capsules and other special closures are available,
     · number of crowning heads is to order depending on the bottler output and bottle diameter
     · the assembly includes a hopper, conveyor and closure orientation.

PEPA bottler features:
     · they are made to order to customer request including an uncommon number of filling valves,
     · PET, HDPE and glass bottles can be filled - in special cases for more different kinds of bottles in one machine,
     · high quality of beverage filling, air can be evacuated from the bottle before filling, removing froth from beer before crowning, rinsing with inert gas in PET bottles,
     · perfect sanitation in a closed CIP circuit,
     · automatic run, operation by PLC system SIEMENS with touch screen
     · performance can be continuously controlled using a frequency converter,
     · a short shift to bottles with different heights and levels
     · PET bottles are held by their necks when travelling through the machine
     · reliable construction, easy operation and maintenance,
     · design, assembly, putting into operation, training of operators, both warranty and post-warranty services are provided.

Capacity of the pressure fillers PEPA according to the number of filling valves.

Filling valves 9 12 15 18 24 30 36 40 45 50 60
Output B O T T L E S   P E R    HO U R
0,5 l glass 2500 3000 4000 5000 7000 9000 11500 12500 13500 15000 24000
1,5 l PET 1000 1400 1900 2400 3000 3800 4500 5200 6000 7000 9000
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