Bottle rinsing mahines
RV series:

Rotary bottle rinsing machines are used for rinsing bottles of mechanical impurities or for sterilization of bottles before their filling with beverages and other fluids.  These machines are made to order according to the customer
’s specification for glass, PET, HDPE and different bottles.
Two-channel assembly is standard, i.e. bottles can be rinsed with two media via two separate jets - one for each bottle. The bottle is turned upside down over the jets using the gripping collets in such a way that the jets are partially inserted into the bottle neck. If required, jets which are inserted mechanically even further into the neck can be installed to increase rinsing efficiency.
The rinsing machine can also be equipped with automatic dosing of the disinfecting solution to the washing water, with recirculation and heating of the wash solution or other additional devices as required. A version using steam sterilization can be supplied, too.

RV series features:
     · gripping collets with exchangeable inserts depending on the bottle neck,
     · machines made to order as required by the customer including an uncommon number of squirting jets
     · system for monitoring bottle presence; the medium inlet to jets is closed if there are no bottles,
     · robust machine ensures trouble-free operation and long service life,
     · automatic run
     · safety guards - the machine will stop if the guard is opened,
     · performance can be continuously controlled using a frequency converter,
     · a short shift to bottles with different heights and levels
     · reliable construction, easy operation and maintenance.
Rinsing jets 9 12 15 18 24 30 36 40 45 50 60
B O T T L E S   P E R   H O U R
Output 2500 3500 4500 6000 8000 10000 12000 13500 15000 17000 22000
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Bottle rinsing machines
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