We provide on-site installation at the customer of delivered equipment through the full supply assembly or in collaboration with a mounting group of the customer in the form of supervision and commissioning under the supervision of our engineers.
The activity of our technicians during installation and commissioning is also to train customer’s service staff for the operation, maintenance and routine repair or replacement of worn parts with its own staff as to minimize customer’s costs of running of the supplied equipment.


Standard warranty coverage for new machines supplied and sets of lines is 12 months from the date of commissioning.
Other conditions may be agreed in the contract based on customer requirements by mutual agreement.

Service and spare parts supplies

We provide complete service for supplied equipment in guarantee and also after guarantee period with our own staff or staff of our subcontractors. According to our experience with reliable functioning of our there is no need of presence of our technicians long time after commissioning and training customer's operators at site.
If necessary, provide exit technicians know as soon as possible.

Customers together with the supply of equipment receiving also basic set of spare parts recommended for operation. Based on the actual experiences of the use of the customer later ordering the necessary spare parts according to catalogues of spare parts supplied with equipment.
In case of doubt clarification of necessary spare parts from the customer our specialists are able to clearify it by phone or according sent photos etc. by electronic communications in order to avoid confusion or incorrect identification of parts required.
If necessary, we know to ensure the supply of parts in the shortest possible time.
Practice shows that the best, solution to the security of customer is to order anyway required quantity and assortment of spare parts in advance before the main season according own experiences from previous seasons.

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