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About filling methods

Pressure filling

PEPA series – the filling method is based on an overpressure in a bottler tank. A bottle is lifted to valves, sealed and presurised from the tank, so pressures in the tank and the bottle are equal. By the effect of gravity, a liquid starts to flow down to the bottle. A filling level is determined by the length of an air tube of the valve. If the liquid reaches the tube, the filling is stopped.

This method is used for filling carbonated (saturated) beverages (beer, soft drinks, mineral water, wine). It can also be used for filling non-carbonated beverages in plants, where both kinds are bottled on one line or when it is required to fill under an atmosphere of inert gas.

Vacuum filling

PEPA V series – a low controllable vacuum in the bottle and in the bottler tank. A filling process is similar to the pressure filling with vacuum instead of overpressure.

PEPA VN series – a low controllable vacuum in the bottle and atmospheric pressure in the bottler tank (bottlers with different pressure). Faster filling and better filling precision than V series.

The filling method depends on the customer’s needs and requirements and the medium properties. This method is used for filling non carbonated beverages (drinking water, non carbonated mineral water, fruit juices, syrup, wine, alcohol, table oil, etc.).

Volumetric filling

PEPA POP series – a precise setting of the volume using a flow meter . This filling method has the best results in a precision of the filling volume. It can be used for the same kinds of liquid as the Vacuum filling (non carbonated). A wide variety of packages is available, including PET bottles and canisters of higer volumes (5 liter, 19 liter, etc.)