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Semi-automatic filling machine (100-400 BPH)

In the range from 100 to 400 bottles per hour, we offer small semi-automatic filling machines with automatic filling process, but manual bottle operation (the process is shown in video lower). Usually in the block with a closing unit, separated manual rinser can be delivered too. The machine is driven mostly by pneumatic actuators. 

This range is suitable for very small craft breweries and other manufacturers, who want to treat and fill their beverage in the same quality as huge companies. The whole filling principle, valve internals and hygienic standards are same as used for bigger machines, but in smaller and inexpensive package. Disadvantages of this solution are higher demands on operators and contact of the operator with filled and open bottle.

Approximate output for 0,5 l glass bottles

BPH = bottles per hour

Filling valves

Output (BPH)*









*-20% with evacuation

The final output is also influenced by the skill of the operator.

For more videos of our machines in action, check out our Youtube Channel!