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Step-by-step filling machine (500-600 BPH)

The second step in our range are step-by-step filling machines, suitable for small breweries and producents. Usually as a block with a rinsing unit and a single head closing unit. The machine is driven mostly by pneumatic actuators. As the name suggests, the machine works in steps – the operation is shown in a video lower.

The whole filling principle, valve internals and hygienic standards are same as used for bigger continous machines. The most important advantage over semi-automatic range is an avoidance of operator contact with filled and open bottle, since the operator only puts empty bottles to the machine input and then takes the full and closed bottles at the end. It increases the hygiene of the filling process. Disadvantage is inability to fill PET bottles.

Approximate output for 0,5 l glass bottles

BPH = bottles per hour

Filling valves

Output (BPH)*



*-10% with evacuation

Step-by-step filling machines are available in two variants according to customer’s space requirements.


U shape

For more videos of our machines in action, check out our Youtube Channel!