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Bottle rinser

Rotary bottle rinsers are designed for rinsing bottles from mechanical impurities or for sterilizing bottles before filling them with beverages and other liquids. The rinsing units are custom-made according to customer’s requirements in versions for glass, PET, HDPE and other bottles. The rinser is usually a part of the filling block with capacity according to the filling machine, but can also be supplied as separate machine. For the small semi-automatic fillers, the rinser is always a separate machine and is operated manually.

The design of the rinser is two-channel as a standard, meaning that it is possible to rinse the bottle with two media through two independent nozzles for each bottle. The bottle is turned bottom up over the nozzles by a gripping clamp so that the nozzles are partially inserted into the bottle neck. The machine can also be optionally equipped with nozzles that mechanically retract further into the bottle neck for greater efficiency. The machine is also equipped with a system for registering the presence of the bottles. If a bottle position is empty, the media supply to the nozzles is shut off.

The machine can be equipped with a system of automatic dosing of disinfectant solution into the rinse water, a system of recirculation and heating of the solution and other additional devices. It is also possible to supply the machine in a version for a steam sterilization of the bottles.

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