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Beer bottling line for glass and PET bottles, triblock PEPA 10/10/1-1, capacity 1700 BPH for 0,5 l glass and 1000 BPH for 1 l PET bottle, crown caps capping for glass bottles with sorting and orientation, plastic screw caps capping for PET bottles with sorting and orientation, dosing of the chemicals into rinser, evacuation, bottle washing and drying, labelling machine Flask Label (3 self-adhesive labels), set of bottle conveyors.
Complete beer and kvas bottling line for glass bottles, triblock PEPA 5/5/1, capacity 500 BPH for 0,5 l glass bottle, evacuation, labelling machine (self-adhesive), set of bottle and packing conveyors.
Complete beer bottling line1,5 l PET bottles, 2 000 BPH, triblock PEPA 15/15/5.
Triblock rinser-filler-capper PEPA 12/18/6 for beer to PET bottles, labeller LINA 2, capacity 2000 BPH for 2,0 l.
Washing machine TERMA 12/09 for returning glass bottles 9 000 BPH - general repair.
Complete filling line for mineral water bottling into PET bottles, capacity 3000 BPH, rinser, monoblock of the filler and screw capper, labeller, packing into shrinking foil, water carbonator.