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Beer filling, monoblock VERAL 72 PK (after repair), capacity 24 000 BPH for 0,5 l glass, crown cork, equipment for evacuation before filling.
Line for glass bottles washing, capacity 4000 BPH, depalletizer DEPALI 6, washing machine TERMA 10/04 (after repair), inspector PAST LIL STOP, conveyors for bottles.
Beer bottling line, monoblock PEPA 15/5 PET, capacity 2000 BPH for 1,5 l PET.
Beer bottling line, triblock PEPA 12/12/5, capacity 2400 BPH for 0,5 l glass bottles, crown cork, with evacuation before filling, foaming before capping, cleaning the machine with foam, covering for sterile air.
Complete juice bottling line, non returnable glass bottles, capacity 2000 BPH for 0,7 l glass bottle, screw caps, rinser RV 18, monoblock VERAL 15/4 VS (after repair), labeller LINA 1, conveyors for bottles.