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Bottle filling machine

PEPA line

Versatile, hygienic, reliable and easy to operate.

Our PEPA line bottle filling machines are highly customisable according to the customer’s request including an uncommon number of filling valves. It can be designed to fill more volumes of one type of container, or even more types of containers on one machine with short times neccessary for a switch. 

The fillers are designed with focus on high hygienic standards – all internals in contact with the beverage can be perfectly cleaned in the CIP circuit. The bottles (glass ones only) can be evacuated (single, double) before filling. This helps to keep a level of oxygen in the bottle as low as possible. It is especially suitable for a beer filling.

Many years of development, the right choice of materials and high quality components results in a very reliable and easy to maintain construction. The machine is also very easy to operate, since it is equipped with an automatic control system SIEMENS with a touch screen. An output of the machine can be continuously controlled thanks to a frequency converter. The machine is also equipped with a safety covering with automatic machine stop when the cover is opened.


Glass bottles

PET bottles


render filling machine


Available versions

  • bottler – an independent filling machine
  • monoblock – filler with a capping unit in one block
  • triblock – rinser, filler and capping unit in one block
  • superblock – rinser, filler, capping unit and labelling machine in one block
  • block – rinser, filler and two (or more) different capping units in one block