we make
bottling easy.


Design and Development

Using modern drawing and 3D modelling instruments, our team of experienced project managers, engineers and designers is able to prepare a custom solution for your new bottling or canning line exactly according your demands and options. For almost 25 years in the industry, we have never made two identical lines.

Production, Assembly, Testing

We keep our hands on our products from raw steel rods and sheets to complete properly working line leaving our production factory. Using only high quality materials suitable for the food industry and proven manufacturing processes, all parts of our machines are reliable and durable. After assembly, we carefully test all functions of the machine before we send it to the customer.

Delivery and Commissioning

We provide on-site installation of delivered equipment through the full supply assembly or in a collaboration with a mounting group of the customer in the form of supervision and commissioning under the supervision of our engineers. The engineers also train customer’s staff for the operation, maintenance and routine repair or replacement of worn parts to minimize future operating costs.

Warranty, Service, Spare parts

Standard warranty coverage for new supplied machines and sets of lines is 12 months from the date of commissioning. Other conditions may be agreed in the contract based on customer requirements by mutual agreement.

We provide complete service for supplied equipment under warranty and after warranty with our own staff or staff of our subcontractors. According to our experience, presence of our technicians is not necessary for a long period after commissioning and training customer’s operators.

A basic set of spare parts recommended for operation is included in the delivery. If needed, customer orders the necessary spare parts according to catalogues of spare parts supplied with equipment. It is also possible to consult spare parts choice with our technicians via phone or email in order to avoid incorrect identification of the parts. If necessary, we are able to send the spare parts in the shortest time possible. However our experience shows that the best way to minimize a downtime is to order spare parts before the main season in quantity based on experiences from previous seasons.

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