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bottling easy.


Complete line for beer filling into cans with nominal capacity of 8 000 cans/h for 0,5 l; automatic depalletization of new cans MND 1000 PP; gravity rinser including generator and dosing of ClO2 into water; PEPA 36/6 CAN filling and seaming block including CO2 dosing under the lid, washing system of the block interior, excess foam removal device, complete block covering with HEPA filtration of the incoming air and UV sterilization of the lids; flow-through beer pasteur; can fill level inspector; Alphajet date printing; Laser T packaging machine; automatic depalletization of new bottles and crates and automatic palletization of crates, cartons and group packaging of cans RB 1500PP; stainless steel bottle conveyors; line wiring.